WSO-UV workshop

Complutense University of Madrid - 25.10.2017

Preparatory activities for the core  program call to be issued in 2018

The WSO-UV telescope is a space telescope with a 170 cm primary mirror devoted to imaging and spectroscopy in the ultraviolet range (1150-3150 Angstroms) with some  extension, in the imaging mode, to the optical range (6000 Angstroms). The telescope will be orbiting in High  Earth orbit (above 6 Earth radii), high above the base of the geocorona.

WSO-UV science program includes the 'Core Program', the 'National Programs', as well as open time for the scientific community worldwide.
With foreseen launch date early 2023, the definition of the 'Core Program' will need to be completed by the begining of 2021 to be made public before the general call for application for National Programs and Open Time.

The 'Core Program' will be made of 'Key Programs' proposed by the community in the areas of:
- The determination of the diffuse baryonic  content in the Universe and
  its chemical evolution.
- The formation and evolution of the Milky Way.
- The physics of accretion and outflows: the astronomical engines.
- Extrasolar planetary atmospheres and astrochemistry in presence
  of strong UV radiation fields.

The Call for Key Programs will be made in two steps. In the fall of
2018, the first call will be issued for proposals that may or may not
require preparatory observations with other facilities. A second call will be issued at the end of 2020 but ONLY for proposals that do not require
any preparatory observations. Preparatory observations are understood as
observations in any spectral domain and with any possible observational
technology required to determine/test the goodness of the targets for the
purpose of the proposed 'Key program'.

The community is invited to participate in the WSO-UV science workshop
that will be held in the Spanish-Russian Science center, in the campus of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid during October 25th-27th, 2017. The regulations for the Core  Program call will be made public during the
meeting together with the activities/interfaces foreseen by the WSO-UV Science Team to support the call.

Those interested in participating and/or presenting their proposals for
WSO-UV Key programs are kindly invited to get in contact with Ms. Sonia Perez de Pablos (

During the workshop, it will take place the official inaguration of the
Joint Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy (JCUVA) created by the
Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the joint management of the
WSO-UV project science program.

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