Eva Verdugo

I got my degree in Physics on 1991 by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). After one year
collaboration in the Atomic Physics department of the UCM, I joined the IUE Observatory in ESAC/ESA 
to start my PhD thesis with Antonio Talavera and Ana Inés Gómez de Castro, on the atmospheres and 
winds of A-type Supergiants. In 1994 I became the Image Processing Specialist of the IUE observatory and 
one year later I was transfered to the ISO mission also as Pipeline Processing Operator until year 2000 when 
I got a position in the Community Support Team of the XMM-Newton mission. In the mean time I got my PhD
and spent two academic courses in Universidad SEK, Segovia teaching mathematics and physics. In 2002, 
I became ESA staff as Archive Scientist of the ISO mission, also as a member of the European Community 
Support Team of the Japanese mission Akari and lately as Archive Scientist of the Herschel mission which is
still my current position at ESAC/ESA.  
In spite of my <<multiwavelength>> curriculum, I am mainly an ultraviolet (and optical) scientist. 
My main research fields are related to stellar winds and magnetic fields in massive stars and 
the study of accretion disks and jets in T-Tauri stars from UV spectroscopy.
Publications (Last 5 years):
Spectroscopic criteria for luminosity calibration of massive B5-A5 stars. 
Miroshnichenko, Anatoly; Danford, S.; Verdugo, E.; Klochkova, V. G.; Chentsov, E. L.; Zharikov, S. V.
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Veen, P. M.; and 10 coauthors. 2013A&A...555A..46H
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The Footprint Database and Web Services of the Herschel Space Observatory. Dobos, László; 
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